archive box storage

Benefit from a smart, simple and secure archive box storage service based in Milton Keynes and totally flexible to your growing or future needs

Storing documents and paperwork which are no longer required for regular access can mean losing space to storage or looking at an outsourced service which may not be local and costly with charges for retrieving, refiling and adding additional boxes.

Not with BDM ArcScan’s smart archive box storage service as we’ve taken out all the hassles that you may have faced with other similar services and made ours simple but still highly effective.

With a flat rate per box, per month price, you can quickly understand how much our archive box storage service will cost you plus we keep our access charges low and do not charge for when you need to re-archive. What’s more, our services run on a 30-day rolling contract, giving you complete flexibility to use our services for as long or as little as you need.

Fully secure and catalogued with the latest in archiving and storage technology, we pride ourselves on keeping our archive box storage services local in Milton Keynes, keeping clients by in and around the surrounding areas close to their documents for quick and easier access. Our smart archive box storage service offers you;


Flexible contract

With our simple 30 day rolling contract, you are free to use our service for as little or as long as you like. Great for short team needs or planning ahead


no input charges

Why be charged to add more boxes to your account? That’s why BDM ArcScan do not charge a new box in-take fee, just a simple per collection charge


easy access

Being based in Milton Keynes, you can quickly arrange access to your data within less than 2 hours We can also scan data or arrange for delivery for complete convenience

no refiling charges

Our smart technology makes refiling your data once accessed quick and easy so that’s why we do not charge to refile or re-archive your data


safe and secure

From secure bar-coded collections to 24/7 securely monitored storage at our Milton Keynes complex, your data is always under are careful care

secure disposal

If you no longer need to retain your data then we can safely and securely dispose of it via our confidential shredding service for free, yes free!

Why outsource your paper and document storage?


Save space

Don’t loose valuable office space to archive boxes or document storage; free up to create more work space to expand growth and potential revenue.


increase security

Avoid risks such as theft or damage from natural disasters such as flooding. If the worst should happen, your data is safely elsewhere and ready to use quickly.


Save money

With BDM ArcScan’s smart and simple box storage service, the high costs usually considered when looking at outsource storage can be forgotten.


time saving

Avoid wasting time searching for boxes. With a indexed and logged inventory, you can ask us to simply recall the data needed and we’ll do the rest.


future planning

Offsite archive storage allows you to continually add more data and documents without the worry of running out of space to store it all.



Certain documents such a legal files require keeping for a set period of time. Use outsource storage to keep such documents accessible.

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