document scanning

Turn your paper documents into easy to access, share and find digital files with BDM ArcScan, leaders in document scanning and digitisation.

With our proven processing techniques developed from our knowledge and experience, BDM ArcScan has helped many businesses looking to go paperless such as digitising legacy files, HR records, financial documents, delivery records and much more. One you begin scanning, you soon see the benefits of this much more efficient and up-to-date way.

Fully managed, we listen to your needs and create the perfect solution to fit. Carefully prepared, we scan using the latest in scanning technology combined with trained operatives who monitor the whole process to ensure your data is perfectly captured, fault free. We also index/name your data with the option to enhance its usability further with OCR to create word searchable documents.

BDM ArcScan also use the latest in data extraction software which can be utilised in tasks such as invoice entry. Taught the layout of the documents scanned, we can set the software to pull key data out to populate spreadsheets within minutes ratter then hours.

Additional peace of mind comes from our extensive checking processes which ensures the data extracted is correct and error free, giving you data ready to use.


Document Prep

Our preparation team check paperwork for staples and paperclips, carefully removing them whilst also checking for other issues such as folded pages or turned over corners

data saving

We save each file as a PDF, named according to your requirements. We can also use our software to extract data to create specific individual file names, ideal for invoices, payments

Scanning data

Our advanced document scanners ensure your files are captured in the highest quality possible. We scan at  300dpi and offer the choice of scanning in colour, greyscale or B&W

enhnaced data

Make your data even more usable with optional OCR processing. Using leading ABBYY software, you can quickly search documents to find information fast such names, numbers and more

Quality control

With our scanning process fully supervised, our team ensure each page is correctly scanned and checked. We also carry out a final pre-save check before starting on the next file


digital files returned

After you have received your digital data, you can either have your original files returned, stored in our local archive store or confidential shredded so you have total control and choice

Why scan your data and documents?


No more hunting through files or cabinets, store your digital files centrally and easily pull up and search for files and folders within seconds with just a click


space saving

Banish filing cabinets to free up valuable office space for new and more effective uses such as creating extra working space existing or new colleagues

peace of mind

Paper data has a greater risk of being lost, stolen or destroyed. Digital files can be backed up and if the worst happens, simply recalled; saving time and money



Allow archive paper data to be integrated with newer digital files simply and easily, ensuring no previous information is lost and is readily at hand

Share information

Send information to colleagues and customers faster using facilities like email to complete tasks quicker and faster then before and boost efficiency

save money

Reduce administration and handling costs with streamlined management plus reduce or remove outsourced services such as archive box storage

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